February 1, 2009

Hate mail

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As all you Sinoblogoholics know full well, Mr Peking Duck is a great source for linking us up with good stories and he recently hooked me up with a funny post over at Brendan O’Kane’s kickass bokane blog a dog dog space.

The Quackmeister sold me the piece by averring that Mr O’ Kane takes a recent NYT article about the Chinese hip-hop scene (by Jimmy Wang) and then proceeds to “tear it apart, syllable by syllable. Quite hilarious. Totally merciless.

And when I read it, it did indeed seem that was what Mr Bokane had done…but but but but, not so fast!! Comments are what make blogs really hip and hop, and the many comments left on this post (48 and counting) were good, and educating, reading.

Comment 22 comes from a real life C-town hippyhopper himself, a certain Mr Andreas Yi Jun Hwang, who chipped in with his two cents worth and is a man who clearly has got his game together. Mr AYJ was closely followed (comment 32) by an incredibly well-informed and pleasantly civil and eloquent American academic called Angela Steele, who just happens to have her own blog about the Chinese hip-hop scene. These two comments, especially Angela Steele’s, made me pretty much change my mind about bokane’s beef with Jimmy and actually made Mr B K seem like he weren’t all that.

But also, and hence the title of this here post, there was some choice abuse of Brendan by some vexed members of the Chinese hip-hop community.

In comment 30, the charming Tracy Wu doesn’t mince her words when informing Mr B (and men of his kidney) just what she thinks of him/them…

Tracy Wu wrote:

To Brendan,

You are nothing but a common hater posing as a knowledgeable academic. And I notice that a lot of these heads who have linked to you are fellow academic haters who enjoy reading you flame other people, but they’re mostly just haters too! A network of haters who pat each other on the back and beat each other off to the sound of their own postings.

You stink! And you haven’t done anything for the hip-hop community in China. Get a life.

Clearly here is a shorty well-schooled in the hip-hop tradition of “battling”. I wouldn’t care to cross wits with her over the mic. Anyway, I thought she was on the right side of rude, and quite funny. But I thought Mr XINT (comment 27) went a bit too far…

XINT wrote:


I got forwarded your blog post from a friend.
You know jack shit about hip-hop.

You know jack shit about rap in china.

I am a hip-hop MC in Shanghai, and I just want you to know i’m sick of nerds like you who study chinese and think they’re hot shit. I don’t know you, but I can tell from your pitiful blog the type of person you are.

I’m sick of white dudes like you who have asian fetish coming to china, boning girls, thinking you’re hot shit, when you can’t even get girls back home fromwhatever shithole you crawled out of. China boosts up your ego; you have western worshipping chinese peasant girls suck your dick and it makes you think you’re king. you ain’t no king; you’re slime. You’re lower than low. You’re fucking pathetic. You’re a “grade A loser,” as they say. All you’ve got to do with your time is write your jealousy filled, hater posts about contradicting someone who has done better than you. I hope you get AIDS from one of the hookers you’ve been banging, you cocksucking CIA spy motherfucker.

And were I Mr O’ Kane I might be tempted to respond with something along the lines of “Well someone’s got to keep your sister out of the rice fields.” (Geddit?)

But actually, this hate mail doesn’t ring true. The English is too good. If you’ll allow me to indulge in a little Forensic Linguistics then let me opine that details such as the use of a semi-colon (you ain’t no king; you’re slime) plus the fact that there are no apostrophe errors, topped off by the quaint expression “as they say”, would seem to suggest that the guy who wrote that was probably a tenured American academic with too much time on his (her?) hands. Or, more likely, one of Brendan’s university chums winding him up. What else would better explain the shrill climactic hyperbole of “you cocksucking CIA spy motherfucker“?

Unless the guy is a lunatic obviously.

So, Brendan…do you know who wrote it? Can you Renrou this ass? I’d like to have my hunch scratched.


  1. No idea as to the identity of ‘XINT,’ but I was briefly tempted to ask him (her?) to set his comment to a beat, tighten up the rhymes, and try again.

    Comment by Brendan — February 2, 2009 @ 4:49 am

  2. “…details such as the use of …would seem to suggest that the guy who wrote that was probably a tenured American academic with too much time on his (her?) hands.”

    It doesn’t quite have that quintessential hint of irony to be a wind-up, in my opinion. Too much pure vitriol.

    I’m betting it’s just another well-educated overseas (but still very much up-the-Motherland’s-orifice) Chinese who has spent enough time living abroad to iron out most of those tell-tale giveaways.A perfect example would be ‘yourfriend’ over at the aforementioned Peking Duck.

    At least I’m hoping so, because the reply is a gem that warrants inclusion in my latest post.

    Comment by stuart — February 3, 2009 @ 5:19 am

  3. “If you’ll allow me to indulge in a little Forensic Linguistics…”

    I indulged in a little cunning linguistics with my mum last night…

    Comment by Spicoli — February 3, 2009 @ 5:36 am

  4. […] me laugh, anyway. Hat tips to Brendan and Kim for inspiring the response and bringing it to my attention […]

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