February 21, 2009

Get Packing

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Next Thursday I am upping sticks with the wife and sprog and moving down to start a three-year stint in Ningbo, working at the University of Nottingham in Ningbo. (About which more later).

And so I have spent the last two days doing my bloody packing. The bloody packing wouldn’t be that annoying if it weren’t for all the dozens of files full of newspaper cuttings and letters and photocopies I’ve accumulated over the years and which I have to trawl through every time I move. I usually manage to ruthlessly discard about 1.6% of my corpus. I think my generation (I’m 38) missed out by 5 years or so on the massive convenience of simply sticking all those words words words on laptops and thumbdrives. The fact that newspapers are online now and that all my lesson plans and teaching materials and correspondence can be stuck on a little dinkymajig on my keyring is just amazing.

It doesn’t help that I’m a hoarder, and having been a TEFL teacher for over ten years I’ve accumulated more papercrap than the average hoarder. I am very reluctant to throw away something that could become the basis of hours of teaching and save me a lot of preparation. And you never know when you will finally get round to reading that article you photocopied 7 years ago in Edinburgh and has been half way round the world with you already so shame to throw it away now really….

Result = I am carting 40 kilos of words from North to South China. Absurd!

Oh well, got that off my chest. Back to it.


  1. Ningbo sunny Ningbo,
    Where Nottingham University located,
    Ningbo sunny Ningbo,
    Were the United Kingdom is rated,

    Scrap metal dealers kidnapped,
    Quite flat terrain, infact
    Some mountains about 30 km away,
    Will help u enjoy ur stay,

    At least it don’t snow there,
    Unlike here,
    Hardy Northern folk don’t care,
    Coz they’re not queer,
    (unlike u)

    U ain’t wrong.
    3 years ain’t long.
    Pool tonight, or a smoke on Bob’s bong?

    Comment by Alex — February 21, 2009 @ 8:33 am

  2. That’s a nice little ditty! What is it that brings out the poet in you this bleak winter afternoon? Been puffing on Bob’s bong? (Pouffing on Bob’s schlong?) seeya later for pool.

    Comment by Kim — February 21, 2009 @ 9:39 am

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