March 13, 2008

Holiday Over

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Yikes! More than a month since I posted.

I must say I am slightly in awe of such regular and righteous bloggers as Humanaught, Granite Studio, Panda Passport etc etc. Quite a feat to keep up such a steady stream of posts without the incentive of a steady cash flow back. And I must also say that I wonder to myself how really regular bloggers manage to keep it up, so to speak. I mean, they surely must want the week off from time to time? And once you’ve had a week off, why not take two? And a really truly proper holiday should surely be at least a month, right?

My last month off was a very welcome slobbishness. Catching up with family and friends back in England for a couple of weeks, reading lots of books (small paper things with no links to click on, remember?) and playing with my 11 month old baby. Actually, maybe baby is the main reason I’ve not been blogging or doing anything else much. Bringing up a baby eats up almost all your time – or should do if you’re doing it right. Or, more precisely, if you’re doing it all yourself…about 6 weeks ago we let go of our live-in maid (an unimaginable luxury in England!) because we were due to be moving house to live with my Chinese parents. The move hasn’t happened yet, due to absurd circumstances involving a botched balcony door and lack of guanxi, but it will in a couple of weeks and I will have more time to myself in the evenings again. (While on the topic I notice that Josh and and Emily’s post count over at peer-see has slowed down a fair bit since baby came on the scene. You understand, dont’cha?)

And one day I will have to write a post called “Maid in China” (geddit?) as a thank you note to our wonderful ex-maid…but not till I’ve moved house.

So anyways, for me, blogging is an enjoyable new hobby and a chance to think aloud about this that and the other, and especially life in Asia. It’s been almost a year now since I started, and I’m guessing it’s going to be a lifelong habit. Hobby + Habit = Hobbit, I would posit, so blogging is my new Hobbit.

And I’ll try to look after my hobbit as well as my baby this coming year.

Goodnight, and good luck.

Me and Celia

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  1. Two things allow me to post frequently:

    1. My work follows an american schedule, so I keep different hours then everyone I know, and can’t get out as much.
    2. I have a tendency never to get too indepth on any subject. Usually fairly brief posts.

    But yeah, you’re right. I do need a vacation.
    Trying to coordinate some time off with the missus in June, I think. Maybe a trip to Kyoto.

    You were in Japan before, right? I’d love to pick your
    about your time there. Drop me an email sometime.

    Comment by Pandapassport — March 15, 2008 @ 11:11 pm

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